We offer several types of consultation. 

As of 2011: At no charge, call and meet with us to discuss the right strategy for you.

Commercial Kitchens
Perfect for: hotel, restaurant, residential facility, school cafeteria, airport, mall, theater cafe, vacation retreat, cruise, convention center, event catering, museum snack area…
We advise on gluten-free menu items, cross-contamination, and staff training. (Also: gluten-free recipe conversion, gluten-free ingredient substitutions,and resources.)

Employee and Member Wellness
Perfect for: corporate groups (Health Benefits administrator, Employee Wellness), health insurance-related and patient services groups…
We help to organize health fair events and other projects to promote awareness of symptoms of celiac disease and gluten intolerance,  with product samples and coupons to present variety and interesting nutritional options.

Insurance Carriers
We work with you to provide patient resources and support forum, web and newsletter content, and other patient or provider services.

Anyone Beginning the Gluten-free Lifestyle  
Perfect for: Individuals and families
Learn the gluten-free diet and kitchen basics. Answer your How-To questions – how to safely share a kitchen, how to follow up on health issues, how to manage school or work environments or traveling, and more. Select new foods for a consistent diet, and manage challenges of holidays, celebrations, and other social occasions. Find resources and encouragement for making the most of healing and being well. (Personal consultation: Nutrition counseling, Patient advocacy)