GFS Initiatives

GFS is dedicated to developing community programs and resources. Universal Screening for Celiac Disease is a prime focus.

The World Health Organization recognizes that Celiac Disease meets its defined criteria for universal screening. The opposition to taking action for universal screening has been cost. However statistically over 85% of those with Celiac in the US have not been diagnosed yet. The average delay in diagnosing celiac disease is 10-15 years.

This delay, as with Diabetes and other diseases, represents a great deal of money and medical resources constantly being spent on unresolved or misdiagnosed health issues, including specialist consults, prescription drugs, repetitious diagnostic testing, treatments for symptoms and complications, and mental and physical results of chronic illness. Since there is a connection to complications, such as worsening or development of other diseases and conditions, celiac testing is a practical, preventative approach to avoiding expense and suffering.

Physician & Health Practitioner Database 
Health Insurance Patient Wellness Groups
Hotel Visitor Accommodation Services
Safe Kitchen Seminar 
School Awareness Program (Medical Office, Cafeteria) 
Gluten-free Living Training Intensive
Hospital Stay / Homebound Assistance 
Celiac Disease Health Strategies
Community Action 
Screenings & Health Fairs, Gluten-free Community Kitchen,
Seminar Series:
Food As Medicine, Personal Nutrition Plan and Health Regime, Local Food Resources, Food History, Food Geography, Cooking Techniques, Family Food Budget Fun & Easy Ideas, Start-up Food Co-op, Neighborhood Food Festival & Vendor Fair