Project Funding

How do we fund our community projects? 

Project funding is approached on a specific project-by-project basis.

Most celiac disease-related fundraising activities are the domain of a number of large organizations and groups. When we think there is a chance that an organization might collaborate on a particular project, we propose it.

Contributions are collected to fund specific programs. We carefully plan the use of contributions, corporate giving, and receipts from sale of materials, donated  or consignment items, and we also use donated time, space, and materials when available.

Corporate Giving & Support

We invite corporations and organizations to become stakeholders in Americans being healthy, and to partner with us in inproving knowledge and support of celiac diagnosis. The return on this investment is increased employees’ health IQ and celiac awareness, and also embraces community health awareness as part of company culture. Some ideas:

>> Subway, RR, & Bus transportation advertising campaign using posters to disperse information, and offer a place to start a conversation with a physician if appropriate.

>> Screenings bring attention to the practicality of improved diagnosis in every medical office and facility environment, and will especially benefit families who would otherwise wait for a doctor to recognize their celiac symptoms.

>> Gluten-free food programs provide gluten-free food availability and a better understanding of gluten and cross-contamination prevention i.e. separate cooking/serving, are available for those who need it, especially in hospitals and for care of children.

>> Health Events encourages communication amongst parent groups, educators, school administrators, children’s programs, health practitioners, food vendors and retailers. Combining several commonly overlooked conditions into an opportunity to learn more about staying healthy serves everyone from babies to seniors.

>> Phone Hotline response to concerns and to point people in the right direction in making personal decisions for their health and lifestyles can protect against overlooking health concerns until there is a crisis.

>> Printed & Online Educational Materials are dispersed booklets, pamphlets, article reprints, and downloadables of wiki, blog, e-book, newsletter, video content, mini-cookbooks and the like, which are useful for learning about the gluten-free diet, food support for healing, management of  inflammation,  and nutritious eating, safe food and drug lists, and cooking.

Resources for the restaurant scene, alternative health approaches, good patient strategies, and much more are distributed and shared as a community and as a multi-billion dollar industry. These are customizable.

Medical and Dental office patient waiting rooms offer an opportunity to distribute health information. School health and guidance offices, and health clinics for diabetes, cardiac care, dental care, and physical therapy are encouraged to provide materials as well.